Wednesday, 27 April 2011

I'm living in an empty room with all the windows smashed. 

A painting I did as a gift for a man who inspires me. 

Keisuke is in a room. Unaware that Asuka is walking towards him. 

Performance of the joke kind. And they look at you. Judge. Sizing you up and deciding with an almost jocoseness tone what character box they're going to tuck you into. Not based on anything you have done. Really. Staring into those double barrel shot gun eyes, you don't see an end or darkness - something of what connotes end but instead flashes hope. That music that rings out to you. Pictures of court fields, best friends and throngs of laughter. He who breathes for you and squeezes your heart. His fist tender to the touch. Control. Of memories. Telling time at four and sitting on landings with siblings, scared. When summer days went on forever, corn fields and first kisses.
No they will not take that from you. And as that soul gets sucked out with no control, take victory in what is locked inside. Dance, dance, dance.  

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Dear blog: I went to Thailand. And there were all these Thai people. People...from Thailand

Thailand was: pink and white lights, performance art and green curry ice cream. water fights at 3am and telephone bars. 63floors with champagne and new friends. New friends and old friends, sun, sun, sun. foam parties and reclining buddhas. 

V O I C E D ! 

On April 10th I and a few friends attended the anti nuclear demonstration in Koenji, Tokyo. Was a lot of fun! About 20,000 people came. Unfortunately it wasn't covered by the media so much.... a show of state controlled media perhaps? 

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

C o m e  o n  e v e r y b o d y  w e a r  y o u r  r o l l e r  s k a t e s   t o d a y ..::..:....:

I got the exhibitionist issue of i-D with karlie Kloss and Jourdan Dunn on the cover. Plus I finially bought i-D covers 1980 - 2010 which I've been salivating over for God knows how long. 

Yum, Yumm! I am so happy lately (for numerous reasons) happy I could s h i t ! 

Top: Dusty
Necklace: Topman 
Shorts: H and M customised
Bracelets: assorted/ Gucci. 
trainers: Adidas.
socks: topman. 

I'm off to Thailand tomorow to ring in the Thai new year - woohoo! 

Friday, 8 April 2011

Anti Nuclear demo ! // Sun April 10th!

I'm sure you are all aware of the recent disaster...make that, fuck up! that has been caused by the Fukushima power plant here in Japan. Due to nuclear power and it's radiation leaks, the environment around Fukushima has been devastated. The farming is now non existent with crops rendered useless. The ocean is polluted along with the fish and people have had to leave their homes for many miles around. The problem isn't getting any better either as this crap spreading globally through our air and sea. The Govertment have continually lied and mishandled the whole operation.  The impact this will have on us all is... unimaginable.

After having first hand knowledge of how this is effecting us all here in Tokyo - which is still hundred of kilometres away -  I am convinced that nuclear power is not a safe and reliable form of energy for our planet. Simply put, it is unsustainable. With much care needed for a period of over 100,000 years to be rid of nuclear waste, ourselves only being on the planet a mere 55,000 years there is no argument that such distructive and dangerous waste can be handled safely for such an incredible amount of time.  And with only one planet, is putting this waste in the ground really an answer? The number of plants on our planet is alarming. it's growing and it's simply all to do with Govertment greed and money. 

With that in mind there is a global protest being held this Sunday in various cities around the world. I myself am going to the Tokyo protest to lend support. I urge you to take a look at the site linked and if you agree and are able to attend one of those demos then please do. 

No to nuclear energy. Invest in alternative resources!!! 

Monday, 4 April 2011

Disque. Oh!

Heather, has, um, anyone ever told you smoking can kill you? 

No. Not at all. Thank you!!!


Spring is here!

Three of my favourite vests for spring: Black circus Alexander McQueen vest // white adidas originals vest // Black 40licks hologram comme des garcons vest.

Also dug out these H and m shorts i bought last year. Customized pins by me.