Friday, 29 May 2009


I'm kinda busy this week but I HAD to post the new music video from Patrick Wolf, simply cos of it's sheer visual brilliance!!! The neon!!!!! And the references to Adam Ant - I love it!!
I'm looking into doing a neon project at the moment and to see this only makes me want to pursue it more. I definitely think neon is making a huge comeback!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Sorry i haven't updated since last week. i will do over the weekend!

I'm busy shopping with my girls.


Thursday, 21 May 2009

Lady Dior

Omg the new Lady Dior film starring Marion Coitillard......exquisite!!!

Stunning. Tha'ts all I can say. I love the 1940's film noir feel. Captures the highlight and essence of what Dior was.I say was because I am not a big Dior fan these days although it is still truly amazing in it's self.

This film though - two thumbs up!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

An urban myth of fashion.

We all know how much the character of Carrie Bradshaw has played in projecting Manolo Blahnik to the masses. I mean let's be honest, as amazing as he is, he has few shops and doesn't advertise greatly. I wouldn't mind betting at least 90% of women who 'crave' Manolos these days, actually had no clue who he was before S.A.T.C.

So I read today that London will soon be re-stocking his 1994 Campari mary jane black patent leather shoe. This is the shoe now infamous when Carrie discovers it in the Vogue accessories wardobe and declares it 'an urban shoe myth'. The shoe was only available once and now, Mr.Blahnik has decided to bring it back and I'm sure it's already got a waiting list as long as my drive way.

I can understand Carrie though. When you search high and low for a killer item and it seems to have vanished off the planet. My urban 'accessory' myth comes in the form of this:

It's the Dee and Ricky for Marc by Marc Jacobs S/S08 Lego accessory. I have tried hunting this down on ebay and the rest of the goddam WWW for so long and still nada!!!!! I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE!!!! Can anyone understand that?? I'm a stylist and still, I have no leads.I will find it one day, mark my words! I'm a firm believer in clothes karma lol. If it is meant to be, it will come to you. And I am holding out.

Until then, ladies enjoy your Manolos. get down to Mayfair and snap those bad boys up!!!!!!!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Brad Pitt for FLAUNT magazine. Photo love <3

Sunday, 10 May 2009


I find so much inspiration from music. So much. i can't tell you how much exactly. there's something about walking around a city like Tokyo, having it all drowned out and filled in with the music of your choice. It's like you can create your own videos as you walk along, see certain styles and admire certain things.
Recently I'm getting a lot of inspiration from old Manchester bands such as Joy Division, The Smiths and The Stone Roses. There's something from that time that is caught in their music.....a slight funk trying to escape. A message of something to say reflecting that time politically. Not that I'm biased being a manchester boy but there's so much political edge to all their videos etc. i really wanna do a shoot inspired by some of their videos. That said, here are a few videos I have favourited on youtube recently. (Not all manchester bands but a mix of things)i need to look into the direction etc.

Especially this siouxsie vid. Omg she is the visuals!

Friday, 8 May 2009

I love these longjohn style pants!!!!!!!! I'm thinking these with my over the top Guiliano Fujiwara sandals. No?

longjohns from Anneloes Van Osselaer.

Sandals from Guiliano Fujiwara.

and ps i had this idea the other night when going through old pairs of jeans I had. Now, i was never a fan of cut off denim shorts but a few nights ago I started ripping up an old pair of jeans I have actually never worn thinking a pair of really ripped up/sanded shorts (borderline short - for a boy) would look good this season. Lo and behold.....I find this image of my boy Henry Holland looking cute as ever. <3 it!!

a few questions.

jacket: thrifted, capped sleeve frey print top: Comme Des Garcons, black drop crotch pants: Comme Des Garcons. Silver 'cons' style trainer: Miu Miu.
sorry for the small, phone cam pic.....i was actually on my way to a club and i took this in the tube toilets (v.v glam)

What music are you listening to right now?
* She bangs the drums by The Stone Roses.

What was the last article of clothing or accessory you purchased?
* a vintage Vivienne Westwood 'Let it Rock' tshirt.

Where was your most recent haul and what was the damage (if you're comfortable disclosing the amount )
* I haven't had a 'haul' in ages as I buy something couple of days (oops) impulse shopper alert!

What piece do you wish most to add to your closet at the moment?
* a black YSL blazer.

What current trend are you loving the most?
* I hate trends but that said, I am always a fan of ripped jeans.

What current trend do you hate the most?
* fucking hipsters!

What is your fave style or fashion-centric television program?
* I still love S.A.T.C

Who is your favorite designer at the moment?
* Vivienne Westwood/ Thom Brown.

What is your favorite footwear line?
* i don't have a particular.

Three fave materials?
* none in particular but I do love the feel of italian lambs leather.

Three words to describe your overall sense of style?
* Punk bipolar classic

How would you describe your winter look?
* Winter is over.

What will your look be this summer?
* with humidity in Tokyo? Ripped jeans, a mix of over sized, capped sleeved tshirts, tailored short pants in green, mustard and red colours, sandals, the occasional blazer. COLOURFUL AND SCRUFFY BEST DESCRIBES ME ON A DAILY BASIS.

What trend do you see becoming the biggest come summer?
* capped sleeve tshirts for men/ 3/4 tailored pants/no socks/shoes/
floral and optical print for ladies.

What's your pick for the "it" tech gadget of the moment?
* fuck off.

Who is your pick for the most stylish "it" celeb?
* The olsons.

If someone handed you $10,000 where would you blow it?
* Comme des Garcons, Vivienne Westwood and the rest in Loveless.
That or I'd go straight to Harry Winston's and 'invest'.

Favorite shopping destination?
* Tokyo wins by far followed closely by London.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

I have been really busy with shoots so apologies for the lack of updates. I did a shoot for Shibuya 109 last week followed by one for BlueMarine which I was veryexcited about!!!! Met some wonderful people and hopefully (fingers crossed) there'll be more work to follow! Had so much fun last week although it was tiring. Still got lots to do. Am sorting out a new website tomorrow and having some of my work retouched. I am crap when it comes to computers so I need as much help as possible.
Some outfits of lately.....

I found this amazing label called 'horace' which is available at jet blue in Harajuku. LOVED their tshirts!! i bought this one the other day. It has the most amazing wide, deep funnel neck. I instantly fell in love with it and the faboric is such a soft cotton mix. Definitely have plans to go back for more.

green shorts from United Arrows.

I dug out my old Amplified studded Rolling Stones tshirt. I know they're everywhere and over etc but I still love it. in fact, I've been browsing a few on ebay I may buy and customise a little.

And no, those jeans aren't Margiela's. They're a pair of old UniQlo jeans I never wore. Five minutes of rippng later and voila....they have become my new fave. pair! Worn with Vivienne Westwood Pirate boots.

Westwood orb necklace with rodium chain. Worn over Westwood skull pendant/five yen coin on Tiffany mens white gold chain.

That's t at the moment. I need to start taking my camera out with me I know.....will do ;-)

P.s it has been raining hard in Tokyo for the last two days. I actually like it - as long as I can stay inside.