Thursday, 30 July 2009

1.40 am and rapping.....

i am having one of these moments/ days/ weeks even!

All I want to do is be able to chat with Vivienne Westwood about 'pirates'. or laugh with Roald Dahl. I think i could laugh with him right now.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009


If anyone wants to check a daily, updated street style website from Tokyo the you should check out drop snap! They always have great images on there as well as throwing great parties around Tokyo. i was privileged to be asked for my picture the other day.

Thanks Wataru-san!

marc by marc jacobs tshirts

I am loving these new marc by marc jacobs t-shirts!! Talk about stepping up your political edge - AND RIGHTLY SO!
At only $24 too they're an absolute bargain!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

miu miu f/w09

I was looking back through some of the collections for A/W09 and miu miu is without a doubt one of my favourites. Just the heaviness and quality of the fabrics and use of contrasting also. I love how she went for a more bourgeoise look circa 1930s feel - if i can say that? Yet at the same time, it's quite erotic. i love the see through open shirt teamed with a firmer block skirt and tights. Definitely wow!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Brad Pitt is one of those actors who we all wanted to hate simple because of his, fuck you, i have it all persona. Right? Well actually no. He has so stood the test of time, in the spotlight blah blah, the pressure i cannot imagine, yet he does not cave. You are talking about one of the most - if not - most speculated, good looking actor of our times. The man still chooses to not conform and continue to grow old(er) gracefullly. I LOVE and respect the man so much more for this. Who wants to see some tucked up, uneven facial mess when you can have this authentic glamour. He has chosen great roles. Proved he can act and is not just a pretty face. And stood right in front of that camera and said, this is who I am.
Amazing! you can never confuse legend with mess.

looking a-MAH-zing!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


i am not a vanity fair reader buuuuut i must admit this cover is FRESH for them. The layout, text and an image so out of sorts for what Vanity Fair usually spew. i love it!
Ps Gotta love Anna Friel. A good ole English girl from the north doing well.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

I think i may actually be Lily Allen in this video :And my friend Emma makes a great part in this video xoxoxo kisses to you xoxoxox

Friday, 10 July 2009

New Vivienne Westwood Jacket.

New Vivienne Westwood Jacket I picked up on Sunday. It's a Japan only license product so it won't be found anywhere outside of Japan :)

Excuse the pics I was in a rush. Actually, excuse my apartment - I so need a maid!

The cut and hood is amazing. I so want to wear this jacket NOW but it's so god damn hot i can't :(

I am working all weekend this week :( fucking pray for me people!

Couture A/W 09/10

The couture shows. Always waiting to see these. The last few years I have always been impressed by Galliano for Christian Dior but this year.....mmm it was lacking big time. For me, there didn't seem to be that much effort coming through the clothes. The color palette was nice, I loved the orange jackets. That aside, it was a failure.

Givenchy! OMG Givenchy!!! I think Riccardo Tisci has stole the crown and set the trend for the whole of the next season. The metal detailing, the jewels, the bindings. I loved everything that came down the runway. The model choice was perfect as was the hair/ make up and styling. What a fashion show should be!

Friday, 3 July 2009

Thursday, 2 July 2009

On my way to work......

Dirty mirror.......

Dirty trainers.........

Customised tank: Vintage (and about 6 years old)
Customised pants with adidas stripes - bought from L.H.P, label says 'erich hippie'.
trainers: reebok.
hat: French Connection.

There is a big Marc Jacobs event on tonight and my friends are organising it. I am not sure of i am going to go though as I feel awful (last night out). I probably will though but let's see how I feel later.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

LEt'S Go OUt!!!!!!

Red v-neck sweater - Vivienne Westwood.
Denim cap - Tokyu hands.


Ok I have been M.I.A due to a bit of work and a lot of partying hu-hum etc and I'm actually updating whilst I am supposed to be working. A few things. YES! I got what I was hoping for last week. I was asked to be the in-house stylist for a very big European company who are opening offices in Tokyo. I have said yes as they are going to be great to work for. Working with big names all the time and I have full creative direction with what I want to do. So, so, happy! I actually did a shoot for them in May and they loved what I did so I am over the moon!! I start in August. Wish me luck!! I will post lots of pictures! of course, i will still do freelancing!
I also got asked to advise and be a part of a big event in Tokyo that will be sponsored by Cartier. I am working on that now. Give me bling!
Shopping, shopping, shopping!!!! God love Tokyo and her shops!!!! I bought some cute things I have yet to photo and blog about. New tshirt from Westwood, jacket from Matthew Williamson, shirt from Jil Sander and I have my eye on a gorgeous Westwood cardigan that is A/W09. It isn't even available yet but god love Yuki (my S.A at VW) for showing me a sneak peak of next season and for putting me down for it. It's a Japan only product hence i cannot find a picture anywhere.I cannot wait!!!

Sorry no pictures today but will try and take some over the weekend etc! It's still rainy season here hence not much fun :/