Thursday, 16 July 2009

Brad Pitt is one of those actors who we all wanted to hate simple because of his, fuck you, i have it all persona. Right? Well actually no. He has so stood the test of time, in the spotlight blah blah, the pressure i cannot imagine, yet he does not cave. You are talking about one of the most - if not - most speculated, good looking actor of our times. The man still chooses to not conform and continue to grow old(er) gracefullly. I LOVE and respect the man so much more for this. Who wants to see some tucked up, uneven facial mess when you can have this authentic glamour. He has chosen great roles. Proved he can act and is not just a pretty face. And stood right in front of that camera and said, this is who I am.
Amazing! you can never confuse legend with mess.

looking a-MAH-zing!

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