Sunday, 22 November 2009

I don't know how to feel about the last few days and the events that have gone on. Both here and away, it's like a domino effect of negativity.

To be sat at home with my friends now, in my local pub away from the big cities, the vibrant, extravagant looks, the wannabes scratching and screaming to be seen as the most original, inventive and creative. Sitting amongst real people, with nothing to hide, who have real stories etched on their faces.

To laugh and be understood instantly. To come home and have my parents glance round when I walk through the door. The usual joke about what I had been doing or who with or what was I thinking when I chose to wear what I did. I suppose that is happiness to me. As much as I usually tell myself it isn't, I always seem to fall back on it when I don't feel the best.

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