Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Valentines Day

You can truly make what you want to happen. What you believe to be true and what you ultimately know is right in your life. it can happen. Your life is something that is only precious to you and a few around you.To the rest of the world it is meaningless. Yet what you say or do or act in according with others is vital in the one life you have. You have the right to make an impression and leave a message.
Don't regret your life. Don't wish you had done something different. If you do then you haven't fulfilled everything.

There are things I haven't fulfilled. Mistakes, errors etc. Things I'm not happy about and I may only be 30, but said that, I live in the hope i have time to change those faults.

Happy Valentines day <3

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Coach Colletti said...

You are fabulous babe. As far as living life goes, I think you have done well.