Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Last of fashion week.

So we went down to the Dresscamp show which, in my opinion is in a league of it's own in Japan.It's really in demand in England ~as far as I know~ but the label keeps refusing to distribute it abroad. Which is kinda cool.
I loved the crochet leggins that ran throughout as well as the colour palette of black, white, purple and forest green. The coats were reminiscent of this season's burberry prorsum but it was something new for dresscamp as usually they focus on light jackets.... so let's let that slide. Interesting prints on the dresses though, as always.

Dresscamp is such an amazing label with so much potential. I wish they would just get over this pretentious 'keep it in Japan' attitude. I know they are expanding to a few locations in Asia but I really think they have great potential in the European and American market.

Trousers from Vivienne Westwood.
Brogue boots from Trickers.

Rita's necklace.

Rita's tshirt is from Vivienne Westwood.

thats why her hair is so big. It's full of secrets...

 I see those red shoes peeking at me.

Trump room decor.

さよならfashion week!


Margaret said...

Loved reading this post!
you're so lucky that you got to see those shows :)
great photos!
loving your blog too :)
stop by some time xx

The Haute Bitch said...

love your shoes!