Saturday, 17 January 2009


I've been so fucking busy since I got back into Tokyo I haven't had time to sit down and write...and so much has gone on already. Hell flight back...ended up in Korea by free Marc jacobs boots.....befriending japanese gay guys with head tattoos who made me smile....oh, new marc jacobs bag...french lunches at The Penninsula...westwood sale.....running down Ometesando at 3am laughing and holding hands, stopping at Dior amazed at the dress in the window...

inspiration at the moment.....french MEN, sun kissed jamaicans with views....boldness, japanese trojan skins, gay new york rap, laughter, etc

Saturday loves:

* Natty.
* Marco DaSilva.
* Sakurako smiling.
* Japanese homeless men who play Gameboys.

Saturday boos:

* Anti climaxes.
* Too much sushi.


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