Monday, 5 January 2009

...the end and the start....

So my little adventure in England is coming to an end. I've had the best time! It's always so good seeing everyone and this time, when I'm going back to Tokyo leaves me confused about what lies ahead etc. I haven't taken so many pictures to be honest and I'm glad. I just have great memories as always. To be honest...I don't even want to share them that much (sorry guys).

Lesbian and I in her gorgeous flat in Leeds.

Mr Jp who came in from Belgium to London for the new year and who I hadn't seen for over a year and a half. Was so fun seeing you Jp :)

jilldo and jp werking the cam...

see you in 6weeks in Tokyo jill :)

drinks with Cat and Amie in Notting Hill...

Let's just say I LOVED being down in London this time. More than ever before. I don't know if it's from being homesick so much and being so far away in Tokyo or what, but it is seriously up on the cards as a possible place to live if I come back.
To be honest this trip home has kind of thrown me. I don't want to go back to Tokyo if I'm honest and that feeling alone has left a huge ?????????????????????????????????????? over what I want to achieve/expect from this year.

I know some things though....
* I want to do more traveling this year.
* I want to feel more physically and mentally balanced. I want to find peace in myself.
* I want to focus on the next stage of my life...whatever that is.
* I want to be less materialistic cos let's face it - I am :p
* I want to be more creative and explore creativity.
* I want to broaden my Tokyo circle of friends....I have definitely shut down over the last two years I think.
* I want to continue to try and move on from certain people in my past.

Things I don't want to do this year....

* mess people around,
*spend obscene amounts of money on myself.
* waste time.
* be bitter.

I think London took it out of me as I woke up yesterday with a cold/the chills you name it. I was supposed to have a farewell dinner with friends and i had to cancel it. Two weeks has not been enough to see everyone. I'm upset about that but I suppose that's how it goes sometimes.

Dreading the flight tomorrow though. I'll probably arrive in Tokyo dead the way I'm feeling now :/


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