Sunday, 14 June 2009

weekend 14/6/09

So this weekend has been mostly work. When in doubt, consult your little magic, black book! I'd be lost without my Prada. Shame the refills are so fucking much. It's classic though. Love!

I did however, find time to meet a friend today and pursue a placed called 'rehab' ...which weirdly didn't exist. The map said 'go' but the place said 'no'. So this afternoon was spent roaming the gay quarter of Shinjuku. Notable was this bar:

Shinjuku 2chome never ceases to amaze me with the name of bars. Today i saw such gems as bar lips, bar kids, High school, crimson (lezza bar), Knights sexual bar, the list goes on I swear and I am NOT making this shit up. i'll photo it next time.

Today's outfit:

Tshirt: Murakami Takeshi.
pants: thrifted low crotch jogging pants.
trainers: Reebok.
bag: Prada Messenger.
Bracelet: Gucci.

That's all. Hoping to have a productive week this week!!!! Here's to hoping! ;-)

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preppygoesrock said...

loving the prada!!!! way to make a blackbook chic!
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