Monday, 19 April 2010


S P R I N G   C L E A N !!!

There is no way I am going to throw these miu miu trainers away - all because of a little dirt. I guess I shouldn't really go clubbing in them :/ 



You've gotta love some hand soap and an old toothbrush! 
As if i was ever going to get rid of these bad boys..... they're from the season before the very last that was miu miu mens (God rest its soul.) 


Sissy said...

love them, specially bc they are dirty XD

Juanduh. said...

i love it.
nice blog.

no-more-wire-hangers said...

thanks guys! x

burcu d. said...

they look awesome! especially because they're dirty...please, don't clean them!!

knk said...

nice shoes