Sunday, 25 April 2010

weekend - eats!

Tshirt: Vivienne Westwood. 
Pants: Comme Des Garcons. 
Bag: Gucci. 
Trainers: Miu Miu. 

Yes, I'm a fucking label whore in this picture lol. This is what I wore today shopping around Harajuku with Rita. I LOVE those CDG pants so much. There's a cute story behind them actually.. 

So years ago when they first came out (and what I would say set a standard in fashion and defined the character of what CDG is all about), I was in awe. Of course, back then, I was a lot younger with crap all income and about 1000 miles out of reach of the nearest cool store. (the income thing hasn't changed btw.) Anyway, they were snapped up obviously and for years I searched through ebay etc in vain.  Then one day, about two years ago I was looking through this little treasure trove store in my neighbourhood here in Tokyo and what did I pull off a rail of trousers? THESE! I couldn't believe it. Once I got over the excitement the next thing that jumped into my mind was "there's no way they'll fit". I mean this is Japan where even the heffas are slim. So I took them to the fitting room and lo and behold, they on like a glove! I dropped the money and skipped out of their shitting skittles and rainbows! :) 

And that's how I got a pair of collectors -probably one of the most collected items- of CDG. 

Back to my weekend, it has been kinda mellow. Lots of eating and not so much partying. Korean barbeque Saturday night, followed by Sunday shopping in Harajuku, ramen for dinner and then cinema. NIce! Actually feel ready to face the week :) 

Rita's boots which I really like! I've never seen them before. She bought this really interesting - kinda pastel/ mint green - shrink skirt today and it looked so good with these boots. I need to get pics! 

And on another topic... I went into the electrical store tonight to pick up a cover for my iPhone. Shit! I know that everyone in Japan goes crazy for little phone keyring things but i didn't know how big a business it was. They are SERIOUS about that shit! lol 

Have a great week everyone! 


anton belardo said...

great post
love the outfit

skipped out of their shitting skittles and rainbows! :)-----pure happiness

Kisses A.

Ro! said...

love the outfit! Especially the VW tee!
Is the last picture of fake plastic food?! haha that's insane!

Great blog btw :)

Margaret said...

hahha well i LOVE the "label-whore"-ness in this case - looks aweomse!!
haha and those photos are awesome.
thanks for the sweet comment too :) xx