Friday, 25 June 2010

A/W10/11 campaign ads.

So the new ads have been coming in for A/W 2010/11. They are always my favourite as I always feel there's more of a story to them, depth etc.

Prada: stunning! I like how the same kind of concept/ message runs through Prada ads. I feel like you could put all the campaign photos from different seasons together and they would tell one long story. 

Dolce and Gabbana : UNF!!!!!

YvesSaintLaurent: kinda boring. Nothing really new here although I like the up close angle shot (top right).

Burberry: No Lily Donaldson this time. I love the impact the Burberry ads always carry but the group always seem intimidating. They look like the group of cool kids at school who are always mean to you but you still want to be their friend.

Louis Vuitton: er....STUNNING! I think they're not so exciting but have opted for the more classic, demure side of what Louis Vuitton originally was. No more Madonna or other celebs please! And Christy Turlington! Bitch does NOT age!!! Karen is my fave in these though ;-) 

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