Thursday, 24 March 2011

I care about shapes. ...**//::::: I care about colours.. :::...:./

"and you don't have to stay here, you know?" he said to him as they both watched out dancing in their heads with self love. Self indulgence, self love which they taught us to think is wrong.
That glance him and he give each other other. You know that glance, that speaks silently. And all he cares about is what's ticking inside. The chase.
"What overwhelms you boy?" he said to him and the boy looking quickly with that smile that never leaves.
"the city beats in my chest and I dance these streets and all I hear when I dance is ***********. And I swear to God, they only speak to me. We've never met but I know they talk to me."
He looked at him and they both locked hands without looking but instead looking onto what used to be a lake that had long since cried it's last tears. And maybe both of them thought the same, well he did anyway when he was looking at where the lake used to be. He thought like he was that lake. And he was looking at himself like it was filled with love again.

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