Friday, 11 March 2011

n u m b e r s p i e l // a n d s t r i k e 1 3... ..... .

s t r i k e 1 3...   ..... .

The week that was my life was basically as goes: 
I got a new (nothing to be proud about) job :) :/ 
I attempted to do my taxes by myself in a non speaking full on Japanese tax office. Zero help from anyone hour queuing in wrong lines and filling in wrong forms.  Unabashed humiliation and shame feeling like a lost baby. left empty handed but was later helped by my DD. 
Still contemplating what i am doing with my self (has been ongoing for years) 

Oh and ps, yay! Turns out i'm getting a ton of money back from the tax office so yay me! 

Madonna burning up on constant repeat! 
I'm burning up, burning up for your love! 
I'm not the same - I have no shame....i'm on F I  R E ! ! 

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