Monday, 1 December 2008

I'm here!!!!!!!!!!

SO! after initially setting up a blog with blogger, the now defunct "notes of the quixotic decadent" , over a year ago (God rest its sooouullll) and much blogging over certain other sites, I've decided to make this one my main concern from now on. If not, only blog. Where will all my old memories go? Cyber space bin yard? I fucking hope not! Anyways.....

So I live in Tokyo, where I've lived for almost five years. I love this city, I really do. It's definitely interesting :) I have no plans of moving for a while as I'm involved with one of the local people- so to speak and we have a lovely pad in the city. I work as a freelance fashion stylist here. I have a LOVE for clothes, especially VIVIENNE WESTWOOD *love* Work's great, life is great (at the moment) so let's share,eh! This blog isn't going to be just about fashions but also style, interests, imspirations, generally me, me, ME!!!! muhahahahhahaahaahhah

On with the show:

coming at you from my delectable apartment in the city (thanks and appreciation to the Tokyo Govt. for the overhead phone wires):

Watashi wa......

OOH I look so mean in that photo, I'm not, honestly.

Ok Monday *love*

* Having Monday off work - nothing beats it!
* My xmas tree is up and is the biz.
* the best xmas presents in the world - everyone is getting one back home!
* Re-reading of 'A Clockwork Orange'. I can relate to Alex...and that is scary. Fantastic wardrobe too.

Monday *boo*

* Too much pork and ginger teamed with shredded cabbage leads to Thunder pants!



Jeaniuss said...

WELCOME! to the woderful world of BLOG! ;)
thank you for you comment!

MR style said...

great blog u've got here too

christopher desu said...

thanks! more to come! じやね!