Saturday, 27 December 2008

So I'm home and having lots of fun. I haven't updated on here due to being busy seeing people, drinking and eating. In a nutshell:

* I left tokyo on the 21st.
* week prior to that was busy as hell. I did no xmas shopping.
*exchanged yen to pounds and got an extra 150quid! winner!
* Jin and I had dinner at BEIGE. seven course french dinner cooked by Alain Ducasse, followed by CHANEL chocolates.
* KLM flight attendants are VILE! I'm sorry but they were all tragic looking and really bitchy. I have to fly back with these fuckwits as well.
* Home is home. It's really nice being back...I think I could actually move back here at some point too. It's just so nice being around your home friends, cracking jokes, good times!
* off to Leeds tomorrow for a weekend of fun with lesbian.
*London beckons on the 30th with lunch at Claridges and new year at a fabulous house party hosted by the lovely cat.
* pictures to come.....I feel horrendous today due to too much wine ysterday :/

Friday love:

* egg custards.
* continuous cups of tea.
* THIS LIFE entire box set. It cant get any better than this show.
* killer outfits for Leeds this weekend.

Friday boos:

* hangovers, hangovers, hangovers!!!!!

FYT.....a fierce Dutch!


Jeaniuss said...

yes she was!
happy new year!

no-more-wire-hangers said...

hehhee thanks! and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU! i hope you had fun! :)