Friday, 5 December 2008

wardrobe - male function!

I have two weeks until I head to England for xmas. I'm so excited to be going - for the break - but I'm still without a lot of stuff I want to get for parties, outings blah blah. I'm having lunch at Claridges on the 30th with friends followed by a night at Milk and Honey. I have no idea what to wear. I was thinking of making it semi casual and just , dare I use the word 'hip' (eugh) buuuuut I'm now thinking of going all out Tom Ford style as basically I'm looking at a gorgeous picture of him now and drooling over my croisssant! The man exudes SEX. I love him. mmmm quick search online and THIS is what comes to mind for Claridges:

That would be PERFECT.....mmm wonder if I can get me some free TF??? I'm also after some new trousers. Trousers are the one thing I never seem to spend as much time looking at or buying. God knows why. I was looking at some in Comme Des Garcons on Monday but they're all really basic. I want some super low crotch trousers, yet smart. I'm also looking for some seriously old school bag shot trousers so if anyone has any recommendations then feel free.

Friday *love*

* Vie De France in Omote-sando station has the best pastries! I'm so fat :(
* A Clockwork Orange. Masterpiece! I'm ready to go with my 'droog' and kick someone in their 'litso'.

Friday *boo*

* I'm too fucking fat to fit in japanese sizes! :( No more croissants.

Oh Tom....why U so NAS-T!


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