Monday, 2 February 2009

Birthday weekend.

To say I am still recovering from the weekend is an under-statement! Friday night was spent having pre-birthday drinks in Ebisu, in which I stumbled home on the last train. I got home though and this was waiting for me:

There was a nice cake, a big bottle of marc jacobs eau de toilette and a bottle of Moet imperial. He scored some extra points and I was very happy! :)

Saturday day was spent watching the new Bond movie. Saturday night was drinks at mine followed by Shibuya then onto Air in Daikanyama. We had so much fun it was fantastic! I won't bore you with the details but I stumbled home around 7am with a huge grin on my face and a birthday balloon tied to my wrist.

Tshirt was from Graniph.
Scarf from Vivienne Westwood.
Bracelet from Gucci.

So today I thought I had it all right in thinking it was the Hiroko Koshino fashion show/exhibition I was invited to. I'd invited a photographer friend to come and we were to meet in Ebisu at Garden hall at 4.30. So we got all the way to the elevator, only to ask the security guard who told us it was on the 5th!!!!!!! I felt like such a dick! Anyway we laughed it off, went for a coffee at Begulo and had a good catch up!

Oooh ps can anyone identify? She is stunning if you ask me:

monday loves:
* weekend memories.

Monday boos:
back to the real world tomorrow. eugh!

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