Tuesday, 24 February 2009

I've had a bit of a lazy weekend. My friends went back to England on Sunday and since then I've pretty much stayed in. Tokyo is rainy and cold today. I went out before to get some lunch and ended up finding a new vintage boutique that specialises in Rick Owens, Dior Homme, Comme Des garcons and Vivienne Westwood. I almost DIED!! Not only because of what was in their; bags, jewellery, clothes you name it.....but because it was full of my fave. brands and all so cheap too! I ended up buying some amazingly low, black drop crotch three quarter pants from CDG and two tshirts from Westwood. No idea what season any of them are from. I am now BROKE!!!! Between this, my friends coming here and those annoying things called BILLS, i am now looking hot but broke hahaha! I was going to post pics today but i'm being lazy. Will do this week. So excited about the pants though yeeha! i haven't even watched that many fashion shows online. What's going on? I need to also start researching an article I'm writing for a certain paper. however, Tokyo fashion week is coming up and seriously mmm I'm just not that nothered. EEK!

Still without dream backpack :(

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