Wednesday, 4 February 2009

new bag.

I've decided I need to invest in a bag that I usually find vile and don't want to touch....this being a backpack! I know, right?

well, the thing is.....I am out the house working from roughly 9am to 10pm five fucking days a week. There's so much crap I need to carry around with me and it doesn't include my macbook...although I'd like it too. I carry notebooks, glasses, japanese text books plus study book, japanese dictionary, pens, goes on! My current *couple of bags* I use are fantastic although I don't want to ruin them so I'm now on the lookout for said backpack.

There's that many cool, little independent designers all around Tokyo though that I'm going to go on a witch hunt to find the perfect one. Watch this space for pic updates!

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