Tuesday, 12 May 2009

An urban myth of fashion.

We all know how much the character of Carrie Bradshaw has played in projecting Manolo Blahnik to the masses. I mean let's be honest, as amazing as he is, he has few shops and doesn't advertise greatly. I wouldn't mind betting at least 90% of women who 'crave' Manolos these days, actually had no clue who he was before S.A.T.C.

So I read today that London will soon be re-stocking his 1994 Campari mary jane black patent leather shoe. This is the shoe now infamous when Carrie discovers it in the Vogue accessories wardobe and declares it 'an urban shoe myth'. The shoe was only available once and now, Mr.Blahnik has decided to bring it back and I'm sure it's already got a waiting list as long as my drive way.

I can understand Carrie though. When you search high and low for a killer item and it seems to have vanished off the planet. My urban 'accessory' myth comes in the form of this:

It's the Dee and Ricky for Marc by Marc Jacobs S/S08 Lego accessory. I have tried hunting this down on ebay and the rest of the goddam WWW for so long and still nada!!!!! I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE!!!! Can anyone understand that?? I'm a stylist and still, I have no leads.I will find it one day, mark my words! I'm a firm believer in clothes karma lol. If it is meant to be, it will come to you. And I am holding out.

Until then, ladies enjoy your Manolos. get down to Mayfair and snap those bad boys up!!!!!!!


Jay Puc said...

its the first time is see that marc jacobs accesorie and i love it!

My urban accessory myth would be that blue dead bird that carrie whore to her wedding! i want one!!! haha

by the way very very nice your sarouel, im having a friend of mine to make me one like that :p


william said...

I hate hate hate that episode of SATC. It's really kind of absurd. A mary jane pump with a pointy toe is hardly difficult to come by and Manolo himself has since redesigned the shoe with a higher, more sleek heel. Anyhow, I suggest buying some legos and making the belt or bow tie yourself - you could even make multiple ones in different colors, sizes, etc.

no-more-wire-hangers said...

jay: i tried to email you a reply but not sure if you gt it?

William: you have a good point! to be honest, those accessories i am after are only the buckle etc. The actual belt doesn't come with it so I may we be better doing it myself. I found their website though and i am tempted to just shell out and order one as it's a lot simpler ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great toys!! So funny!

xo xo

wecouldgrowup2gether said...

these lego thingies are so cute, the bowtie is my favorite one!