Friday, 17 April 2009

My week started like when you are on a really scary rollercoaster and you're slowly going up the hill. You have that happy, almost giddy, in-flight feeling. You have that adrenalin rushing through and all sorts of positivity as you climb that first hill.
Come today and imagine i just reached the bottom of that hill ad hit a brick wall. Eugh of those days. I need to channel the positivity.

I was in Comme Des Garcons today. I ADORE CDG and I crave to wear it head to toe. It's just one of those labels though that is really difficult to pull off in its entirety unless you are Japanese - in my opinion. *sigh*
See what i mean >

WHEN GOOD CLOTHES HAPPEN TO BAD PEOPLE. No more wire hangers for THAT stylist haha.....

This weekend is going to include house parties, lazing in Yoyogi park, Sunday dinners with old friends and lots of Westwood.

Have a good weekend.


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